Auto Insurance

BF Assurances is committed to providing expert advice, and quality auto insurance coverage. We understand that each individual has special needs and we ensure to provide the best coverage for your needs. Submit your application now.


In addition to the statutory basic protection in Quebec, which is the Civil Liability (Section A), we offer coverage for collision (Chapter B2) and protection for accident without collision or payment (Chapter B3) (ex. fire, theft, vandalism, broken window…). Added to this are our optional warranties:

  • F.A.Q.20a: Extended warranty – Loss of Use available
  • F.A.Q. 27: Civil liability for damage to vehicles not owned by the insured
  • F.A.Q. 34: Personal Insurance
  • FA.Q.43A and F.A.Q.43E: Indemnification without depreciation for partial and total loss available (Replacement cost)


Do you currently have problems to get insured?

Whether for a criminal record, a cancellation for non-payment, a certain frequency of accidents, a license suspension or a non-standard creditor, BF Assurances has the solution you need and offers very advantageous payment terms.